Practical Guide to Case Study 2008

Practical Guide to Case Study 2008 - Miami University...

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Miami University Farmer School of Business Practical Guide to Case Study – 2008 About Cases Cases are simply histories. They are written to reflect the actual situation faced by a decision-maker as completely and accurately as possible. The purpose is to enable the readers of a case to understand the complex conditions and circumstances that had to be considered at the time of the case, and to debate the potential decisions and their likely outcomes. As business educators, we cannot easily put students into the business world and offer them the opportunity to make actual decisions. There is too much at stake in terms of money, liability, and consequences to stakeholders. Instead, we use cases to enable students to practice their analytical skills, to apply tools and models, and to engage in the practice of logical thinking, discussion, debate, presentation, critique, teamwork, and confrontation. We learn to listen, to sort data, to separate fact from opinion. We learn judgment, and we calibrate our understanding to reflect the complete spectrum of issues and their interactions. We learn to deal with uncertainty and take risks given incomplete and inaccurate information. We also use cases to provide exposure to a variety of settings; international and domestic, new versus established, small and large, consumer and industrial, service and product, micro and macro. We connect all of the functions of business, because in the business world all the functions connect. In short, we use cases to bring the complexity of the business world to the classroom to allow our students to practice their craft. We confront and debate in order to understand more fully. We critique each other to tease out the best thinking, and to weed out the shallow and the illogical. Ultimately the goal is to develop a process
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Practical Guide to Case Study 2008 - Miami University...

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