New Years Even Case Notes

New Years Even Case Notes - Micheal's Home-style Pasta-...

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Micheal’s Home-style Pasta Wrote a business plan in 1991 when he was still a college undergrad His goal was to reach 3 million dollars in sales By 2001 he had over 100 employees and sales had reached $17 million dollars Produced a range of products- Fettuccini Linguini Signature product was a gourmet stuffed pasta shells He studied competitors mass produced products and compared them with homemade He found an important difference: Regardless of how good they tasted…Machine made pasta had fillings made with chopped up ingredients Homemade shells had large, identifiable chunks of vegetables or meat or cheese Mike designed machines that could handle the irregular chunks Focus on research and development and on customer service led him to develop new pasta products for specific clients Southern Pasta Company Located in Florida Smaller, but had a wider range of products, including a number of non-pasta items Was the only company, other than Micheal’s that made pasta shells stuffed with identifiable chunks of seafood Made them by hand at Southern Fred Walz was the founded and owner Mike’s and Fred’s companies were roughly equal in size, and competing for the same pool of customers Mike wanted to know if Fred wanted to sell At first he would only consider a merger, and shortly after Mike’s signed Southern’s largest customer
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New Years Even Case Notes - Micheal's Home-style Pasta-...

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