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8-4 Notes on Pierre - TO DO For Advanced Pierre Figure out...

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TO DO For Advanced Pierre: Figure out competitors Focus Group Contact Teachers with Children Book Focus Group Room at FSB Day/Time that work best—if all cant come on a certain day, have two maybe? Or have  two if a lot of teachers can participate List of Questions for Pierre Who is the research from—Beef/Pork consumer report 2008 a. Are these college students or elementary or both? K12? Testing, trends, applicability to various channels, strategy and potential revenue #4 on Innovation Process-- Prototype Development/ Refinement  Our one PowerPoint will not open on any of our computers Texture soy protein Flavors Extent to which APF can provide us with people to interview  Name Super Sliders Sneaky Sliders Secret Sliders Price Packaging/Amenities to include  Schools Different Flavors
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Look at research 5 Slides for Presentation on Thursday Oct. 6 Make sure to include: 
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  • Pierre Who, Sliders Sneaky Sliders, Sliders Price Packaging/Amenities, Beef/Pork consumer report, Focus Group Contact

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