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Questionnaire Stuffed Burger Adults - • Not really,...

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Questionnaire- Corporate Lunches Age/Gender/Occupation 50/male/Lawyer Do you bring your lunch or go out? About 50/50 Go out and meet clients o Champs o Flencos o El Meson Assistants go out and pick something up o Wendy’s o Subway o McDonalds What are your top choices to go out if you plan on sitting down or with a client? What would you order? o Chicken Ceaser Salad o Sushi o Fish Have you ordered a burger before? o Never a burger with a client o Would not order a burger otherwise Do you plan ahead on what you will be getting for lunch daily?
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Unformatted text preview: • Not really, unless meeting with a client (never think about what to oder though) If you buying a burger where would you go? • A place like Champs vs another fast food place What do you like on your burger? • Cheese (swiss specifically) and mushrooms If a stuffed burger was offered, what would you want it stuffed with?- example: cheese, mushrooms, peppers, etc. • Definitely cheese...
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