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Memo 2-Holly Esler - To From Date Dr Friedman Holly Esler...

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To: Dr. Friedman From: Holly Esler Date: 1/31/12 Subject: Observations Of The Day In The Field Message During the shadow Joanie, the Media Sales Consultant, informed our group that we would be traveling to Kings Furniture for a sales meeting. She had never met the client, only spoke briefly over the phone. While preparing on the ride, she was glancing at notes and reading them out loud. Joanie was dressed in business professional Arriving at Kings Furniture, we went straight to the back of the store. Once reaching the back, Tony (the client) was standing next to a small desk wearing khakis and a polo. He greeted Joanie with a firm handshake while telling her to take a seat wherever she pleased (pointing to the tables for sale around us). Joanie answered with a joke thanking him for allowing her to bring her entourage. This seemed to set a relaxing tone to the meeting. Joanie picked a large table to seat all of us comfortably. Tony was at the head of the table while Joanie was to his left.
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