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To: Dr. Friedman From: Holly Esler Date: 1/31/12 Subject: An Analysis of the Selling Situation Message Throughout the semester, we have discussed the importance of a sale. Whether it is a step in the actual sale process or an attribute contributing, each has its own unique significance. Below, I have listed how Time Warner Cable Media selling styles support or do not support class material. QBQ - Our class material states all questions begin with what or how; always include “I” & an action. - TWCM supports this because they constantly are asking how/what (the how/what) they (the “I”) can do to provide good business to a customer. They provide examples through statistics and steps to achieve this (the action). Value - Value is how the customer makes their buying decision. This is found through catching. - It was hard for me to tell whether TWCM’s selling style supports this. Tony told Joanie during the sale what his value was from the start. I would need to see another sale to determine. FUD
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