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Memo1 Holly Esle (CME)

Memo1 Holly Esle (CME) - To Dr Friedman Holly Esler MEMO...

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MEMO To: Dr. Friedman From: Holly Esler Date: 1/31/2012 Subject: Time Warner Cable-Pre Questions & Answers Message On November 14, 2011, I shadowed Mike Gaylord (Local Sales Manager) and Joanie Eldred (Media Sales Consultant) of Time Warner Cable Media (“TWCM”) in Datyon, Ohio. My day began with Mike when I learned he was a former professtional snowboarder who retired from snowboarding ten years ago and now has a wife and two children. Joanie was introduced to me as the newest member of TWCM and is also married. I then was told TWCM completed the sales challenge the previous semester and what was to be expected. The questions I prepared before the shadowing were: - How do you access your clients target market? - What factors are needed when preparing costs or budget? - How does TWCM close a sale? - How do you find the value and fear, uncertainty, and doubt (“FUD”)? o How do you find this while keeping action in your court? - How do you build relationships and keep customers coming back?
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