MKT 405-Self Evaluation-Holly Esler

MKT 405-Self Evaluation-Holly Esler - SELF-EVALUATION 1....

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SELF-EVALUATION 1. Resume – 3.5 a. I submitted a resume fairly early after joining your class (a week late). The first resume that I sent was one that had never been looked at, and one that needed a LOT of work. I went into your office and took your advice, along with other student’s advice as well, and made a second resume. The second was better, but had too much design and not necessarily me. The third resume I sent (about 3 weeks later) was the final resume that I used at Career Fair and still continue using. I feel as if I put a lot of effort into my resume (reflected by how many copies I sent) and that I did well on this section of the Short Sales Project. b. What I could have done better was hand you in a hard copy of my resume before September 19. b.i. I had been in your office multiple times, shown you multiple resumes, however I was careless in looking at the syllabus and looked past turning in a hard copy by that date. I feel as if I should deduct at least a half a point because I missed a deadline and you cannot do that in the real world. 2. Ethical Standards Assignment – 3.2 a. I put a lot of thought and effort into the ethics project. I had never made a “Code of Ethics” before and honestly never really thought about them ever. The first part of the project I made a simple list of them, bullet pointing the most important issues to me in that ethic. The second was sharing our stories. I was honest with the stories I told and owned up to being unethical. The third part of this project I really put some thought in to. Gymnastics was a huge part of my life, fifteen years to be exact, and I realized this sport is where I developed my ethics. Without this sport, my ethics would not be the same and I would not be the person I am today. Therefore, coming up with the idea of using this sport as a reminder of my ethics, I had the idea of placing them on my grips (used for bars). I took a lot of time with this project and feel a 3.2 reflects the effort put in. b.
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MKT 405-Self Evaluation-Holly Esler - SELF-EVALUATION 1....

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