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SSP- Bobble - Relationship o The conversation wasn’t forced o Paused a few times but it picked back up easily o Beginning kind of threw me off because I was early and we were talking before o He did most of the talking The ball was in my court with the questioning, but he did most of the talking o I found the interest of him drinking water o Talked about plastic water bottles o Talked about how he only keeps one at his desk, one at his desk at home, and none in the car - Could have went better when he said he did not like the top part of bottle which was why he was hesitant - Values o Values prepared o Multiple values caught during:
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Unformatted text preview: Bobble is portable/size/filtered Mentioned he liked the Britta because it filtered his water but it was not timely and the size was too big Threw me off that cost was not an issue I threw out the sale price before him telling me that price was not an issue (should have reversed this)-Close o Ball was in my court at end of sale A little shakey I decided when the meeting time was and that I was to e-mail with a follow up and he agreed o Could have went better, more smooth o Did follow up next Tuesday at 9 o Finished JUST on time o Got him to try the product out...
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