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SSP After Notes- Holly Esler

SSP After Notes- Holly Esler - Bobble is...

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SSP- Bobble - Relationship o The conversation wasn’t forced o Paused a few times but it picked back up easily o Beginning kind of threw me off because I was early and we were talking before o He did most of the talking The ball was in my court with the questioning, but he did most of the talking o I found the interest of him drinking water o Talked about plastic water bottles o Talked about how he only keeps one at his desk, one at his desk at home, and none in the car - Could have went better when he said he did not like the top part of bottle which was why he was hesitant - Values o Values prepared Size, going green, portable, & mainly cost o Multiple values caught during:
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Unformatted text preview: Bobble is portable/size/filtered • Mentioned he liked the “Britta” because it filtered his water but it was not “timely” and the size was too big Threw me off that cost was not an issue • I threw out the sale price before him telling me that price was not an issue (should have reversed this)-Close o Ball was in my court at end of sale A little “shakey” I decided when the meeting time was and that I was to e-mail with a follow up and he agreed o Could have went better, more smooth o Did follow up next Tuesday at 9 o Finished JUST on time o Got him to try the product out...
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