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EDL 204 Day 7 - • To model and practice democratic...

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EDL 204 Day 7 January 31, 2012 Perennialism Teaches morals and good thinkers o Functioning member in society o What kind of function are we talking about? What is taught How it is taught Essentialism To provide “cultural literacy” through core subjects like math, science, English, & history We need to learn the basics o More like how a public school is taught o Morals and “life long lessons” are not taught Center focus is the teacher Progressivism
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Unformatted text preview: • To model and practice democratic engagement • To deepen & broaden young people’s habits of mind, their craftsmanship, & their work habits • Center focus is the student • We believe our classroom are not limited physical boundaries and create environments that nurture curiosity, foster creativity, and strengthens critical thinking All include children (the common good of all children) Important to take into account, a good school would take parts of each of the 3 to incorporate into their learning system • Curriculum is pretty set for each one...
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