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EDL Day 5-Culture - Culturally things have changed Talk...

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EDL 204 Day 5 Culture Two Concepts of Culture : Humanities: - Using signs to create texts to make meaning - You have meaning and create meaning when wrote text - There is no one true meaning to one text - How do we determine the strength of or the meaning of the argument/text? o The support and depth o Meaning cannot be wrong but the argument may not be strong - What are the contributions and values that text adds? - Essay talked about those in power have the power what is considered value and high culture Social Sciences: - Culture in everyday life - There are patterns that happen in everyday life o Some change slowly (social), some change quickly (cultural aspects) - Think of examples from 1912-2012 o Gender, chairs, teaching, dress (uniforms), desks,
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Unformatted text preview: Culturally things have changed Talk back to the teacher We all have lap tops Struggles over culture:-What is culture? What is your culture? o Culture understands peoples daily patterns. Culture is a framework of meaning and what is legitimate and not legitimate. It implies peoples race, religion, etc. o My culture is where I came from, how I grew up, my morals, values, & beliefs.-How is culture taught? o I don’t think culture is “taught”, you are almost born into a culture. You don’t get to pick your culture.-What does culture influence? o Our decisions, morals, values, and beliefs o Economy, the way businesses run o Social media-Examples of Europe o How to dress, smile, act, etc....
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