EDL 204- Day 4

EDL 204- Day 4 - not acquiring important skills o Empirical...

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EDL 204- Day 4 An F for Effort Claim: Students are studying fewer hours because college has been made easier. They are not acquiring the skills needed in the future or that they should be developing and learning in college Evidence: The stats given (24 hours of studying to now 10 hours of studying) Be concise and to the point when making a claim, try to fit as many as you can in one. Our example: Students are studying less hours because college has been made easier. Professors claim example: The decline in college students’ out of class study times indicates that students are
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Unformatted text preview: not acquiring important skills o Empirical premise: Today’s college students study 10 hours less than their 1960’s counterparts. o Empirical premise: This decline in out of class study times occur among all demographic groups cognitive abilities, and working/non-working students. o Conceptual premise: The skills that are worth acquiring involve hard work. o Conceptual premise: Thinking (as a skill) requires effort. Assigning meaning to “texts”-Can be visual or signs-through these collection of signs we have a better understanding to draw meaning from these texts...
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