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EDL 204 Reflection 1 - I went to a large public school My...

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I went to a large public school. My graduating class was about 800 students and is ranked in the top 5 largest schools in Ohio. Looking back, it seems nearly impossible to “educate” every single one of us, and to me that is where the “training” comes into play. Becoming educated is a life long process and cannot solely be taught in a mere 4 years of your life. However, a high school student can be trained in certain skills in that 4-year period of time. Most of the classes I took were to train me. They mainly taught me how to memorize and regurgitate information when expected to. Although the majority of my classes were there to train me, there were a few that educated me and taught me information that I can still carry with me today. The methods that were used in the classes I feel educated in were hands on learning and projects, with very limiting testing. The methods that were used when I felt trained were long lectures, routine homework, and tests/quizzes.
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