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EDL 204-Day 3 What is a Text? A collection of signs that requires a reader to give it meaning o Sign: smallest unit of meaning in an utterance or statement (words or images) o Social text: “live” interactions between/among individuals Clique, classroom, group of friends, etc. Own set of language, references, history, ways of understanding the world “Read” a text o Words, images, social interactions o Create meaning out of the signs (letters, words, pictures, sentences) found in the text o There is no one true meaning of the text ex: we talked about “norms” of cliques where we sit at the dinner table (every time) @ Symbol English speaking countries: used by grocers and accountants to indicate a rate or
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Unformatted text preview: cost per unit • South Africa: a monkeys tail, also a term of endearment for someone who’s made a silly mistake • Hebrew: a snail or pasty • There is no one true meaning to a text Content • How people make meaning of education in a democracy as found in various texts Reading a text • Ways to read a text: o Analytic: elements of a text (focus on the text and not on self/world) o Interpretative: places text into a larger context (link with the rest of the world) o Normative elements: bringing individual or collective ethics...
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