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Chapter 2 reading notes - ITS Chapter 2 reading notes The...

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ITS Chapter 2 reading notes The Past in the Present: Historical Interpretation in International Conflict Disciplines used to make historical inquiry in order to make accurate portrayal of the past: geographical, economic, political, cultural, and any other relevant sources Political and diplomatic history : concerned with study of power and power relationships. Oldest historical tradition. Politics, law, and foreign policy included. Central to understanding current international relations. Economic history : study of the exchange of goods and services. Seek insight into economic trends that might inform future economic and business decisions. Economic problems need gathering of sources, analyzing their reliability, and interpreting their meaning. Theories of economic development depend on accurate case histories of regions that have experienced economic prosperity. Growth depends on climate, culture, political leadership, infrastructure, and resources. Subfields: Labor history- focus on development of working class solidarity, and relations between workers, management, and the government Cultural and Social history : The study of music, sports, religion, and art, along with history of urban and rural society, immigration, race, family, population, gender, and disease. Intellectual history: Study of power of ideas to move historical events, and concentrates on the development and influence of ideologies such as religion, nationalism, liberalism, Marxism, and feminism. Environmental history: study of people’s interaction with their natural surroundings. Deals with water usage, farming practices, food distribution and famine, and marine and forest preservation. What is History:
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Chapter 2 reading notes - ITS Chapter 2 reading notes The...

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