ITS201PeerEvalS11 - provide to the group but he was very...

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ITS 201 YOUR NAME: Tim O’Brien Group Research Project Peer Evaluation Form GROUP TOPIC: Genocide in Darfur Spring 2011 Dr. LaFever SECTION OR CLASS TIME: 12:45 Member name to be evaluated: MCKAY Grade you think he/she deserves: B+ Brandon did a good job in researching his topic. He did not come prepared to our last meeting to rehearse, but his part went smoothly in the presentation. He showed up to all 3 meetings, and did his part adequately. Member: MOCEK Grade: A Matt did an excellent job throughout our time working with the project. Matt reserved a study room for a couple of our meetings, making it easy to meet and get our work done in a timely manner. Matt also compiled all of the PowerPoint’s for the final presentation. He helped me come up with our final research question, and did an adequate job with his part of the project. Member: MOHAMMED Grade: A Tariq put forth great effort in this project. He did not always have the best information to
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Unformatted text preview: provide to the group, but he was very open to us helping him. He showed up to all but one meeting, and did a good job in the presentation. Member: M. O’Brien Grade: B Mike did his part of the project, but did not always communicate and work well with the group. He only showed up to 1 of our 3 meetings, and he did not even inform us that he was going to be absent in one of them. He did do an adequate job for his piece of the project, so I think he deserves a B. Member: T. O'BRIEN (ME) Grade: A As part of the group, I was the main means of communication. I sent out all of the emails, and figured out times in which everyone could meet. Besides setting up our meetings, I came up with the narrowed down research question. I also help format the PowerPoint by making the Title page, and helping other team members find what information they should provide on their slides. Tim O’Brien Group 7 (Genocide in Darfur) 4/6/11...
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ITS201PeerEvalS11 - provide to the group but he was very...

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