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ITS Midterm Study Guide - ITS 201 Midterm Study Guide...

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Midterm Study Guide Spring 2011 Miami University Kathryn LaFever THIS TEST WILL COVER CHAPTERS 1 THROUGH 5 IN THE TEXTBOOK. IT WILL ALSO INCLUDE THE ASSIGNED POWERPOINTS. Based on Chapter 1, what are the 2 forms of open political systems? -presidential, parliamentary What is empirical data? -Information gained from observations from an experiment or experience What are examples of qualitative data and quantitative data? -Qualitative data: described info (gender, race, age) -Quantitative data: statistical analysis (voters ballots) What are characteristics of behaviorism as it applies to political science? o Focuses on the measurable aspects of political behavior o Concentrates on the observable actions humans take in their political lives If a country holds elections, is it a democracy? - No, there are still single parties that have regular elections but are not democratic -they do this to ‘appear’ like they are having a fair election Based on PowerPoint information, know the common characteristics of globalization (e.g. internationalization) and to what they correspond. The two major types of international organizations; correctly identify examples of each. IGO, NGO
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ITS Midterm Study Guide - ITS 201 Midterm Study Guide...

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