ITS--Genocide Paper

ITS--Genocide Paper - ITS 201 Group Research Project Miami...

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ITS 201 Group Research Project Miami University Spring 2011 Dr. Kathryn LaFever OVERVIEW: This semester-long group research project consists of 3 major parts: 1. PowerPoint (Pecha-kucha format) (15 points) 2. Individual paper (10 points) 3. Peer Evaluations (5 points) This assignment involves group and individual effort, described as follows. Each student is assigned to a group. Each group has an assigned topic. Each group must narrow the topic as much as possible and design a research question. Each group takes an ITS approach to researching the topic and designing a corresponding PowerPoint presentation. These presentations will be presented in class as scheduled. Further, each student writes a standard 5-paragraph paper on his or her individual research. Each student completes the Peer Evaluation Form on all group members, including him- or herself. Each student is graded individually. There will be a small amount of class time devoted to working on this project. This assignment is worth a total of 30 points toward your final course grade. DUE DATES: The PowerPoint is due via BlackBoard by 5:00 p.m. on the date each group presents . The individual research paper is due by 5:00 p.m. on April 1 . But the Peer Evaluations are due on the Wednesday after all of the presentations. I. PECHA-KUCHA: WHAT IS PECHA-KUCHA? Pecha-kucha (“pi-KAHCH-ka”) is a PowerPoint presentation format. It involves presenting 20 PowerPoint slides for 20 seconds each. A pecha-kucha presentation lasts for 6 minutes and 40 seconds (no more and no less). Typically, the slides include images and limited text, and a presenter provides accompanying dialogue. HOW DO YOU MAKE A PECHA-KUCHA? Information on pecha-kucha will be reviewed in
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ITS--Genocide Paper - ITS 201 Group Research Project Miami...

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