silk road - Afganistan-dressed them as Afgans to protect...

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-walk into the middle of a firefight -gun put to the back of his head -ordinary guys leaving everything behind for 2 years -Denis Belliveau and Francis O’Donnell -document what they found that polo saw -only by land or sea (because polo did not do it) -come back either dead or successful -visiting the burial place of Jesus Christ -just an amazing amount of people and experience -on a tiny boat traveling around -smoking hookah in turkey with civilians -it would be scary to try to get to the middle east -rigid night sleep in a train -been traveling for 2 weeks by train to go from turkey to iran -he is questioning his own sanity -he is forging his visa to get into Afghanistan -basically stuck it to the border patrol to get in -rocket launchers, AK47’s, troops in jeeps (pretty scary) as they made their way thorugh
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Unformatted text preview: Afganistan-dressed them as Afgans to protect them—had 25 body guards from a tribe in afganistan-cool to shoot the guns-difference between a celebratory gunfire and a fire fight-they got pulled out of their car and were surrounded by a rebel group—scared for their lives-the cold desert of Taklamakan-you go in but you don’t go out-they wanted to cross it like marco polo did, on camels-sneak through a restricted area (desert of Lop)-nuclear testing—went down a road that did not even exist on a map-his father dies and he is not there for his mother and sisters-first american’s to get their visa’s and to be allowed in IRAN since 1979-always waiting around, not knowing what or where they will be next...
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