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Learning Objectives_Ch.10

Learning Objectives_Ch.10 - Richard T Farmer School of...

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Richard T. Farmer School of Business, Miami University Dr. X. Huang MGT 302: Operations Management Learning Objectives – Chapter 10 Ch 10 – Supply Chain Management (Review Questions listed in the class preparation document, Class notes, Sections 10.1, 10.2, 10.4–10.7, and the required reading posted on the blackboard – Hau Lee et al.!) Topics Learning Objectives Definition and Terminology 1. Know the definitions of supply chain. 2. Know the definitions of supply chain management; understand the objectives and the tasks of supply chain management. 3. Understand it is important to take a systematic view to manage supply chain. System dynamics: bullwhip effect Hau Lee et al.’s paper 1. Be able to describe what “Bullwhip Effect” is. 2. Understand the impact of “Bullwhip Effect”. 3. Be able to identify and discuss the causes of bullwhip effects. Be able to provide examples for each cause. Be familiar with all the examples provided in the paper. 4. Be able to discuss/explain different ways to counteract the bullwhip effect.
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