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Richard T. Farmer School of Business, Miami University Dr. X. Huang MGT 302: Operations Management Learning Objectives – MRP Chapter 16 (Textbook: Section 16.1-16.4 Note: the shop floor control section of 16.4 is not required; the first three paragraphs of section 16.5; Class Notes) Note: The MRP system explained in the class is the Type I MRP system, which does not include the capacity planning and shop-floor control modules. Topics Learning Objectives MRP elements 1. Understand what the inputs to MRP are 2. Understand what the outputs of MRP are. 3. Be able to develop a MRP plan given the relevant information ( examples see in-class exercise ). 4. Understand what BOM (Bills of Material) is and how to retrieve useful information from BOM. Concepts 1. Understand what type of demand MRP deals with. 2. Understand the difference in demand pattern between the end item and
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Unformatted text preview: parts on the lower levels of BOM. 3. Understand what type of inventory management philosophy MRP follows. 4. Be able to explain how MRP determines when and how much to order for parts on the lower levels of BOM. 5. Understand whether MRP should carry safety stock and the purpose of safety stock in the MRP system. 6. Understand what are the weakness of MRP and Know the extensions of the type I MRP system MRP vs. Order-point system 1. Understand the differences between the MRP system and the order-point systems ( See the comparison table in the class notes and book ) 2. Understand when MRP should be used and when order point systems should be used. Given a concrete business example, be able to pick the right system. MGT 302 – Operations Management Page 1...
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