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Learning Objectives-Ch1

Learning Objectives-Ch1 - 3 For each of the four major...

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Richard T. Farmer School of Business, Miami University Dr. X. Huang MGT 302: Operations Management Learning Objectives – Chapter 1 Ch 1 – The Operations Function (sections 1.1 -1.8) Topics Learning Objectives What is Operations? 1. Describe the nature of operations for specific organizations in both manufacturing and service industries (e.g., Bank, Manufacturing plant, University) by viewing operations as a transformation process and identifying the inputs and outputs of the organizations. Example: In-Class Exercise for Topic 1; Textbook p.13 What is Operations Management? 1. Provide a working definition of operations management in terms of the decision making in the operations functions and integration of these decisions with other functions. 2. Understand the four major decision areas in Operations.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. For each of the four major decision areas, be able to identify the types of decisions and the issues faced by decision-makers (Chapter 2 also provides information on this topic). Check the class notes and textbook for detailed issues in each area (see Table 1.1) . 4. Given any industry, be able to identify and describe the types of decisions in each decision areas faced by operations decision-makers in a specific context. Example: In-Class Exercise for Topic 2; Example of Pizza USA in the book. Why Operations Management is important? 1. Understand the importance of operations in the economy. 2. Understand the importance of integration between operations and other business functional areas. MGT 302 – Operations Management Page 1...
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