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Learning Objectives-Project scheduling_Ch.14

Learning Objectives-Project scheduling_Ch.14 - Richard T...

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Richard T. Farmer School of Business, Miami University Dr. X. Huang MGT 302: Operations Management Learning Objectives – Project Scheduling Chapter 14 (Textbook: Section 14.1, 14.3-14.4; Class Notes) Topics Learning Objectives What is a “Project” 1. Understand the distinguishing characteristics of projects. 2. Given a specific example, be able to determine whether it is a project. Objectives and tradeoffs 1. Know what the three major objectives in project management are and the tradeoffs among them. Scheduling methods 1. Be able to develop a Gantt chart based on precedence relationships among project activities using both forward and backward pass methods. 2. Given a network diagram, be able to determine the immediate predecessors and successors for a specific project activity. 3. Be able to construct a network diagram given the specific project activities and the associated precedence relationships. 4. Understand the conceptual meaning of the early start (ES) and early finish (EF) times. Be able to compute the project completion time, ES,
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