Preparation for Beer Game and Quiz

Preparation for Beer Game and Quiz - Dr. Huang Preparation...

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Dr. Huang Preparation for Beer Game and Quiz 1. Read the student instruction Go to the website of http: // , click the E-Games tab on the left side of the screen, click the E-Games link, and then select the Beer Distribution Game. Click the link of “Instructions for playing the game.” Read the instructions. The goal here is to get prepared for the game and get familiar with the terms used in the game (check the definitions part of the instructions.) 2. Review questions After you read the instructions, answer the following review questions. If you are unable to answer these questions, go back to read the instructions again until you are ready. Prior to the class, quickly go over the ppt slides of the class to check for the answers to these review questions. What are the four players in this beer supply chain? - The roles are the Factory, Distributor, Wholesaler and Retailer. Each position is directly linked, and beer cannot skip the adjacent position How long will it take to have the beer available at the downstream player when the upstream ships an order? (This is supply lead time.) For instance, if factory ships an order of beer during period 2, when would the beer be available for sale by distributor? - It takes three periods to move an order of beer between each player in the supply chain. When will the upstream player receive an order sent by the downstream player? - orders are not visible to the upstream player for one period. For example, if the Wholesaler places an order in period 3, the order is received by the Distributor at the beginning of period 4. What decisions would be made during each period by each participant?
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Preparation for Beer Game and Quiz - Dr. Huang Preparation...

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