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Carlson Distributing Co. Acquisition-Payment REA

Carlson Distributing Co. Acquisition-Payment REA - Create a...

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Create a REA model for the acquisition/payment process described below. Be sure to include all relevant entities, relationships, attributes, and participation cardinalities. Remember that foreign keys are not shown in an REA model. This model will be a 3-event model with a commitment event and two economic events. The commitment event is the “Place Order” event. The two economic events are “Receive Goods” or (“Purchase”) and “Cash Disbursement.” Carlson Distributing Company Carlson Distributing Company is a closely held, debt-financed, wholesale distributor that specializes in automobile products. Carlson buys products from companies that produce automobile parts and sells them to retailers. Several buyers handle procurement for Carlson. Each buyer is assigned to specific vendors. Each vendor is assigned to one and only one buyer at any given time. Each order is the responsibility of at most one buyer. If multiple item types are needed and are available from a single vendor, those items are all included on a single order.
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