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Carlson Distributing--foreign keys

Carlson Distributing--foreign keys - (0,M t s o r u...

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(0,M) (0,M) (1,1) (0,M) ( (0,1) (1,M) (0,M) (1,M) (0,M) (1,1) (0,M) (1,1) (0,1) (1,1) (0,M) (0,1) (0,M) (0,M) (1,1) (0,M) (0,1) (1,1) (0,M) (0,M) (1,1) (0,M) Inventory Order Goods Buyer Vendor Receive Goods Cash Receiving Clerk Cash Disbursement P rod ID l# P rodD e s PO D a te R D a te R N um Q tyO rd Q tyR e c A c tC o s t C kN um C kAm t C D N um C A T ype C
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