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FSW 381 Observation 1

FSW 381 Observation 1 - Tim O'Brien FSW 381 C Observation 1...

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Tim O’Brien FSW 381- C Observation 1 2/8/11 The Parent-Child Relationship When I first began my search to observe children in their natural environment I wasn’t sure where to go! Options I thought of were the oxford park, the local elementary school, and uptown oxford. As it turns out, I came across children in my normal day to day schedule. It was about 6 o’clock, and I had just finished my workout at Miami’s recreation center. I walked out of the weight lifting area, and saw a group of children getting ready for a rock climbing class. “This is perfect!” I thought to myself. I proceeded to sit down, trying not to be seen by the children. My observation lasted roughly 25-30 minutes, giving me and ample amount of time to observe a child and his mother interact. The Miami recreation center has many rock climbing walls. They are about 50 feet high, and offer many difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert). The class consisted of about ten children, and two climbing instructors. I am not good at determining ages, but they seemed to be between the ages of 5-7. None of the children were overweight, and it was nice to see that their parents were encouraging them to do physical activity. To begin the class, the children got in a circle and two instructors lead them in some stretching. This was somewhat entertaining to watch. One of the kids yelled, “owww” as he was told to do a difficult stretch that hurt his legs. Other children were looking around the circle to make sure they were doing the stretches correctly.
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