FSW 381-Observation 2

FSW 381-Observation 2 - Tim O'Brien FSW 381-C 3/22/11...

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Tim O’Brien FSW 381-C 3/22/11 Observation 2 In my first observation, I observed a parent child relationship at the recreation center. The child was in a formal class setting, so he had more than one adult supervising him. For my second observation I wanted to observe a parent child interaction in a more informal setting, so I set out to the local Kroger in Oxford. I arrived at Kroger at 7 PM on Monday, hoping more people would be there after their workday was finished and their children were home from school. After about 10 minutes of wandering the store, I decided to sit down by the buffet area at Kroger and wait for a family to come to me. Finally, I saw a mother and her son come into the store. The mother seemed to be about 30 years old, and he son was around the age of 4 or 5. By looking at her appearance I assumed the family was middle to lower class. I observed the mother and son for about 10 minutes. First, I noted that the son was very active and did not want to be at the store. He was continuously running around picking items up off shelves, and climbing on and off his mother’s grocery cart. When the mother was waiting in line as the deli, the boy was acting like he had a sword in his hand.
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FSW 381-Observation 2 - Tim O'Brien FSW 381-C 3/22/11...

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