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FSW Assignment 1 - Tim O'Brien FSW 381-A VC Assignment 1...

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Tim O’Brien FSW 381-A VC Assignment 1 3/16/2011 1 . How does your baby’s eating, sleeping and motor development compare to the typical developmental patterns in the first 8 months? A . eating: Jordan was ill over the past season due to digestive reasons. She had frequent problems with indigestion and diarrhea. I also discovered that Jordan doesn’t have much of a natural appetite, normally. We learned that it is very common to children at this age to have problems with their eating habits. They still do not have any teeth, so we need to introduce bland baby food to help her with her digestive problems. B. sleeping: We have been trying to establish a regular bed-time for Jordan, as well as getting her to sleep through the night. By 8 or 9 months, it is normal for babies to sleep through the night except for occasional wake-ups. So, we are doing a good job with Jordan in that we are very close to getting her to let us sleep for once! C. motor: A normal 8 month child is learning to crawl and get around the room. They also begin to show other motor skills such as pulling themselves up in bed, and using their fingers and thumbs to pry or pick up small objects. It is good to see that Jordan is advanced in her gross and fine motor skills. She enjoys crawling, pulling up to stand and manipulating objects. So, she is right on track with her motor skills. 2. A. Is your child delayed or advanced in any area of development according to the 19-month developmental examiner’s report? Jordan was pretty much age appropriate in all areas that she was assessed in, except one
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FSW Assignment 1 - Tim O'Brien FSW 381-A VC Assignment 1...

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