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Tim O’Brien FSW 281-C Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! The first Dr. Seuss book that I chose to read was my favorite one when I was a child— Green Eggs and Ham . The book is centered on two characters Sam and an unnamed character (Knox). Throughout the whole book, Sam is trying to persuade Knox to try green eggs and ham —but is having difficulty doing so. Knox refuses to try to dish because he thinks to himself, ‘why would I like green eggs and ham?’ Sam tries many different maneuvers to get Knox to try the dish, and the book ends with Knox trying the dish as long as Sam leaves him alone. At the end, Knox realizes that he likes the dish! This book relates to social and cognitive development. Socially, Knox is organizing new activities in his head. Because ‘green eggs and ham’ was such a new concept to him, he did not think that he would like it. In the end, we saw social advancement when he tried something ‘foreign’ to his everyday experiences.
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Unformatted text preview: Likewise, we see the character growing cognitively. Going off of Piaget’s theory on cognitive development, we saw Knox modifying some of his mental structures to meet the demands of the environment. The next book that I chose for this assignment was The Cat in the Hat. In the story, the Cat brings a bunch of chaos to the house where a brother and a sister are at their house when their mother leaves them unattended. The cat performs a bunch of tricks for the children to amuse them, such as pulling two creatures out of his hat. As a whole, I think this book relates to cognitive development in childhood. Pretend play is very important for children to take part in, and it is proven to stimulate them cognitively. It develops a child’s social and emotional skills, as well as their ability to think. Books like these help a child think outside the box, and helps with their cognitive growth....
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