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Tim O’Brien FSW 281-C NPR Segment on Step and Blended Families Growing up in a healthy family setting is something that I often take for granted. Listening to the NPR segment titled, “More Blended Families Reject the ‘Step’ Title” opened my eyes to some of the difficulties families in America are facing on a daily basis. An alarming number, almost 50% (4/10), of Americans have a relative that is ‘step.’ This is directly correlated to the high divorce rate in our country. NPR touched on divorce, and stated that America has the highest divorce rate of any wealthy country in the world. As an American citizen, this is not something to be proud of. During the segment, I learned that it is becoming more and more common to have ‘step families without marriage.’ For example, a man gets a divorce and then is living with another family. Does he consider his new partner’s children his son or daughter? This creates a difficult environment to form a family that bonds well.
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