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Tim O’Brien FSW 281-C Explaining Sex to Kids Chapter To this day, I can remember the night that my dad came into my room to give me ‘the talk.’ I remember what he said, and can remember all of the questions I had that followed. When he tried to explain ejaculation he said ‘it happens when the time is right.’ I followed up with the question, ‘what if the guy is at a baseball game when it happens?’ This shows that explain sex to your child can be a difficult process that will take some time. This article presented many topics that I was unaware about, and gave some good advice as to how to educate your children about sex and sexual behavior and attitudes. I was unaware that children start to have sexual sensations from the time they are in diapers. Another thing that was somewhat surprising for me was when the chapter talked about how it is not unlikely for toddlers to play sex games with friends or relatives. They will explore with each other by sticking ‘fingers, penises, and heavens knows what else up each other’s front and rear ends.’
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Unformatted text preview: One thing that stuck out to me in the chapter is the idea that you should be open and talk to your children about sex, and sexual feelings. They talk about how sometimes the first time a child and parents talk about sexual behavior is in a negative way—when the parent tells their child not to let anybody touch them in certain areas. This makes the children feel like sexual behavior is a bad thing that is not normal, which is not a message that parents should be sending to their kids. I will use the information that I learned from this chapter and incorporate it into my own life. There is great advice in this book about how and when to talk to your children about sex. Although I think it is a uncomfortable area for most parents, I feel that it is important to be open with your child about sexual behavior. This will increase the chances that they will be open with you later in life when they actually begin to have sexual relationships....
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