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NAME: Tim O’Brien Course Section: C DATE: 3/14/11 EIGHT-ASSIGNMENT VERSION OF REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS Assignment 3 : main ages are 24 months and 3 years (run through 3 years, 11 months) (20points) – early childhood physical and cognitive development 1. A. Have there been any environmental events in your child’s first three years that you think might have influenced his or her behavior? 1. A side benefit of my layoff is that I have more time to hang out with Jordan. Money is tight, but Jordan and I have fun in inexpensive activities like going to the zoo, the petting farm, the children's museums and the park. This may influence Jordan’s behavior, because she is experiencing different activities and seeing new things. Cognitively, Jordan is learning new things, and using her exploitative skills. Jordan is also growing her motor skills by going to the park and taking part in physical activity. 2. The addition of a new child in our family has affected Jordan. She sometimes seems to become more demanding and whiny, and less cooperative, but other times she prides herself on being a competent older sibling. This helps with Jordan’s feeling of responsibility. She is a big sister now, and is taking on a new role in life. B. On what do you base your hypotheses? 1. In the first example, Jordan is growing her gross motor skills by going to the park and doing physical activity. This hypothesis is based on the assessment at the end of year two given by the early childhood development specialist. The specialist says that Jordan was above average on nearly all gross motor skills, such as climbing, throwing and catching a ball, balancing, and skipping and enjoyed these activities quite a bit.
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MVC assignment 3 - NAME: Tim O'Brien Course Section: C...

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