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NAME: Tim O’Brien Course Section: C DATE: 3/24/11 Assignment 4 : main ages are 24 months, 3 years and 4 years (run through 4 years, 10 months) (20 points) – early childhood social and emotional development (recommended page length for this particular assignment is 3-4 pages) 1. a. How is your child progressing on early childhood issues, such as learning household rules, learning to follow routines, listening to you, developing self control and learning to get along with others? 1. Jordan is no longer having problems behaving poorly in restaurants (fast food). My partner and I are relieved, and we begin to fade out the rewards that we used to give Jordan for good behavior in restaurants, but make sure to remind her of the rules and to praise good behavior 2. At home, Jordan is generally more compliant with our requests than she was at age 3, but sometimes ignores our request and gets upset. Once she is upset, it is really hard to calm her down, and occasionally she can get aggressive with us. b. Does your child have any behavior or emotional problems at this point? As I mentioned above, Jordan sometimes ignores the instructions and rules that we give to her at home. She sometimes throws temper tantrums and is very difficult to calm down, even getting aggressive at time. This would be both a behavioral and emotional problem. c. Why do you think these problems are occurring and what are you doing about them? To deal with Jordan behavior and emotional breakdowns at home we do a few things. We persist in making her comply with our request, because we believe that letting her get out of following our request shows her that she can manipulate you. If we have to, we put Jordan in time out or send her to her room. ---2 points for describing how your child is progressing in each of two areas and 1 point for
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MVC_assignment 4 - NAME: Tim O'Brien Course Section: C...

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