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MVC_assignment 5 - NAME Tim O'Brien Course Section C DATE...

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NAME: Tim O’Brien Course Section: C DATE: 3/31/11 EIGHT-ASSIGNMENT VERSION OF REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS Assignment 5 : main ages are 6 and 8 years (run through 8 years, 11 months) (20 points) – middle childhood physical and cognitive development 1. What activities and experiences you and your child have engaged in might be promoting healthy behavioral practices and an interest in physical activity? 1. Jordan is physically active, enjoys exercise and seems to have some athletic talent. We had a choice on what activities to enroll her in. We chose to sign her up for Soccer and Softball. Later, Jordan was called a Tomboy. She is still young, and I don’t believe this will hinder her emotional development. 2. Jordan has been doing very well in her sports. I decided to become one of her coaches to keep her interested and excited about playing. This is promoting healthy behavioral practices, and Jordan seems to be healthier and more resistant to colds this year, perhaps because of the exercise. ---2 points for each of two activities or experiences (4 points) 1. A. Do you notice any improvements in language, communication, memory, reasoning or theory of mind since age 4? Give specific examples.
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MVC_assignment 5 - NAME Tim O'Brien Course Section C DATE...

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