MVC_assignment 6

MVC_assignment 6 - NAME: Tim OBrien Course Section: C DATE:...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: Tim OBrien Course Section: C DATE: 4/14/11 1. A. Describe your childs personality in terms of the three subtypes (resilient, overcontrolled and undercontrolled). Personality type with 2 examples I would classify Jordan as an undercontrolled child. 1. Sometimes Jordans squabbles develop into a serious fight and they progress from screaming at each other, to pushing, and sometimes even hitting. This displays her lack of discipline. 2. For some unknown reason, Jordan and one of her friends left school at lunchtime undetected a few days ago, and walked to the friend's house. No one was home so they let themselves in and helped themselves to snacks and videos. Jordan should not be wandering off on her own without supervision. This is a sign that Jordan is undercontrolled, as she does not feel like she needs to follow rules. B. Which aspects of your childs social behavior and emotional responses reflect continuities from earlier behavior (e.g., at ages 3-4 years) and which seem to be novel for this age level? 1. Earlier behavior: When Jordan was 4 years old she was above average in understanding quantitative relationships such as "more/less", "longer/shorter", in counting skills. These math skills have continued on. Jordan is performing above her age level in math, and we continue to find ways to challenge her. Her early signs of math skills have continued on. 2. Novel for this age: Over the summer, Jordan wants to earn more money than the usual weekly allowance because she wants to save for a cool new bike. We came up with a list of major chores that she can work on during the summer and we agree to pay her some money for her efforts. This is a new sense of development for Jordan....
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MVC_assignment 6 - NAME: Tim OBrien Course Section: C DATE:...

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