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MVC_assignment 7 - NAME: Tim O'Brien Course Section: C...

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NAME: Tim O’Brien Course Section: C DATE: 4/19/11 Assignment 7 : main ages are 12 and 14 years (run through 14 years, 11 months) (20 points) – adolescent physical and cognitive development 1. Describe any physical or behavioral signs of incipient puberty, including changes in physical appearance, behavior or emotions. 1. From ages 10-11 Jordan had a growth spurt and was taller and leaner for a while. Just recently during her 12 th year, Jordan thinks that she is too fat. She has started to gain weight in her hips, and thinks she has a weight problem. 2. Recently, Jordan visited the dentist. He suggested that it might be time for Jordan to get braces. 3. During her 12 th year Jordan often came home from school in a bad mood and went straight to her room and did not talk to us. When we asked her about school, and if anything happened that day, she said that everything was fine. This is a behavioral change in puberty, as Jordan is trying to become more independent and less open with her parents. We have that this is a just a phase in her development, and that she can talk to us about her personal issues in the future. 4. Jordan has shown an increased interest in boys, particularly various "hottie" rock stars or actors. I also notice she is more interested in articles about sex in teen and women's magazines. An increased interest in sexuality is normal during puberty. This is not something I am worried about, and will have open discussion with Jordan about the boys she likes, and thinks are “hotties.”
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MVC_assignment 7 - NAME: Tim O'Brien Course Section: C...

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