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NAME: Tim O’Brien Course Section: C DATE: 4/26/11 EIGHT-ASSIGNMENT VERSION OF REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS Assignment 8 : main ages are 14, 16 and 17-18 years (run through 18 years, 1 month) (20 points) – adolescent social and emotional development (recommended page length for this particular assignment is app. 3 pages) 1. How important have your teen’s relationships with peers been to his/her social development, emotional well-being and school achievement from 14-18 years of age? 1. Jordan has been picked on by a loud-mouthed girl at school for the past month. This is really getting her down. To deal with this, I told Jordan to avoid the bullying girl by hanging out with a different group of kids. It is important that Jordan is hanging around the right peer group. 2. Jordan has had some arguments with friends and temporarily has no one to hang out with. She is moping around the house. As a parent, I realize that it is a difficult time for Jordan, and just let her be. If the behavior continued, I was going to ask her about the situation, but she soon found her groove again with friends at school. ----2 points for each of two examples of a possible connection between peer and romantic relationships to the child’s social, emotional or academic development (4 points) 2. How has your teen adjusted at 14-18 years of age to typical adolescent issues such as risk- taking, drugs, alcohol, and sexual interests, and how have you responded to your teen?
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MVC_assignment 8 - NAME: Tim O'Brien Course Section: C...

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