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Sexuality and Cultural Differences Social and cultural norms can either encourage or restrain sexual behavior Because of the differences in norms between ethnic groups, the age at which sexual activity begins varies according to the teen’s ethnic background. Black high school students are more likely to have had intercourse (65%) compared to White (42%) and Hispanic students (49%). -The age in which adolescents begin sexual behaviors is directly correlated teen pregnancy numbers. - According to the center for disease control and prevention, Black and Hispanic teens have the highest rates of pregnancy -There are also cultural differences in the use of contraceptives among teens. -White high school students were more likely to use birth control pills compared to African American and Hispanic students Parenting Sexuality at Home -It is important for parents to maintain open communication with their children even when they
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Unformatted text preview: are receiving formal sex education at school. -There is evidence that positive parent-child communication about sexual matters can lead to greater condom use among young men and a lower rate of teenage conception among young women-One of the most important contributions that parents can make to their teens exposure to sexual information is providing them with the skills to make healthy sexual decisions.-Each family system will need to determine and plan how it will approach and deal with sexuality at home.-Since some adolescents may be difficult to open up about their sexuality, parents need to find ways to talk to them-4 parents.gov is a government site to help parents talk to their children about sex-conversation help and tips for talking to your children...
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