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Tim O’Brien FSW 381-C Video Reaction Paper 4/7/11 Thirteen: Corruption and Greed After the opening scene, which displayed two girls huffing and physically abusing each other, I knew the movie “Thirteen” was not going to hold back in their depiction of troubled teens. Growing up in a fairly stable family, my parents sent me to private schools my entire life. Looking back, I was very sheltered to the troubles, and struggles of other families. I never saw any students that were even remotely close to Tracey and Evie (the two main characters in the film). After watching the film, I realized how important parenting is, and how prevalent peer pressure to fit in the ‘popular’ crowd is. I will analyze the downfall of Tracey, the role her parents played in the downfall, and what parenting practices could have been used to avoid her troubled lifestyle. The downward spiral of Tracey began when she met her new friend Evie. Evie represented the ‘popular girl,’ who dressed and acted in an inappropriate manner—a manner that Tracey soon emulated. Tracey left her neighborhood friends and her clam lifestyle, not knowing what she was getting into. The girls began to dress ‘punk,’ wearing dark colors, showing skin, and piercing their tongues and belly buttons. The girls drank, smoked, stole, and even sold
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Video Reaction_ Paper - Tim O'Brien FSW 381-C Video...

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