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BUEC 280 Midterm Examination Time: 75 minutes Please write your answers in the booklets provided. 1. a) Provide three examples of Canadian labour standards legislation. (3 marks) b) Which level of government has jurisdiction over labour standards in Canada? Explain. (2 marks) c) Which level of government has jurisdiction over human rights legislation in Canada? Explain. (2 marks) 2. Legislation requiring that firms provide non-wage benefits to workers will have no effect on wage or employment outcomes if workers fully value the benefit, but will cause wages and employment to fall if the value workers place on the benefit is less than its cost to firms. True, false or uncertain? Explain your answer using a carefully-labeled diagram. (20 marks) 3. a) (Very) briefly describe the major trends in labour force participation in Canada over the last 40-50 years.(10 marks) b) Name three factors behind the growth of non-standard employment in Canada. (3 marks) 4. How would you expect an increase in the generosity of EI to affect the unemployment
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