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Adoption After debating the issue and proposals, the federal government chooses one policy solution and then passes new laws to adopt the new policy. Example: After winning the 2000 presidential election, George W. Bush worked with the Republican-controlled Congress to enact the tax cuts he had promised. Implementation After a policy gets adopted, it must be implemented. The federal agencies charged with implementing the policy must determine exactly how they will carry it out. The federal bureaucracy promulgates the laws passed by Congress into specific policy, drawing up the rules and guidelines for putting the law into practice. Example: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) was charged with enforcing the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act after it was passed in 2002. To do so, the FEC had to determine the nuts and bolts of how the law worked and had to create rules
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Unformatted text preview: governing the enforcement of the new law. Evaluation People begin judging and evaluating a policy once it has been put into effect. Feedback might come from the people whom the policy serves, bureaucrats who monitor the implementation, and pundits and reporters who care about the issue. Example: Many different public interest groups and think tanks, including the powerful Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation, evaluate government policies. Welfare Welfare policies help those in economic need. These programs are also known as public assistance. The basic method of distributing public assistance funds is via income transfer: The government takes money from wealthier citizens through taxes, then gives some of that money to citizens with low or no income. Because funds are redistributed from the rich to the poor, we call such policies redistributive policies....
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