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AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION Amendment Date of Ratification Content 1st 1791 Grants freedoms of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly 2nd 1791 Grants the right to bear arms 3rd 1791 Forbids the quartering of soldiers in citizens’ houses 4th 1791 Grants freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures 5th 1791 Grants the right against self-incrimination, of trial by jury, and of protection of private property 6th 1791 Grants the right to an attorney in any criminal case 7th 1791 Grants the right to a trial by jury in civil cases 8th 1791 Bans excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment 9th 1791 States that the people’s rights are not limited to those explicitly listed in the Constitution 10th 1791 States that the states’ rights are not limited to those explicitly listed in the Constitution 11th 1798 Limits the jurisdiction of federal courts 12th 1804 Changes the rules for electing the vice president
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Unformatted text preview: 13th 1865 Abolishes slavery 14th 1868 Defines American citizenship 15th 1870 Extends the right to vote to all male citizens 16th 1913 Allows Congress to levy income taxes 17th 1913 Allows people to elect their senators directly 18th 1919 Prohibits the manufacture, sale, and transport of liquor 19th 1920 Extends the right to vote to all female citizens 20th 1933 Changes the start date of presidential and congressional terms; outlines presidential succession 21st 1933 Repeals Prohibition 22nd 1951 Sets a two-term limit on presidents 23rd 1961 Gives Washington, D.C., electoral votes 24th 1964 Outlaws poll taxes 25th 1967 Changes the order of succession to the presidency 26th 1971 Extends the right to vote to all eighteen-year-old citizens 27th 1992 Limits congressional pay raises...
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