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History as Progress - including sociology, economics,...

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History as Progress Although the United States is not a perfect democracy, many Americans interpret its history as progress toward a better democracy. In this view, America has improved from century to century, getting better and more democratic over time. The expansion of the right to vote is the best example. At the start of the republic, the right to vote was restricted in most places to older, wealthy, white landowners. Over time, however, all citizens won the right to vote, including the middle classes, the poor, people of other races, women, and younger people. American democracy has thus grown as more people have been allowed to participate The Other Social Sciences Social sciences study how people interact with and relate to one another. The study of American government, with its emphasis on political systems and the distribution of power, falls into this larger academic category. Like other disciplines within political science, the study of American government draws from some other social sciences,
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Unformatted text preview: including sociology, economics, psychology, and anthropology. Sociology Sociology studies social life and human interactions, from how groups form to how large organizations run to how people interact with one another. In their analyses of American government, scholars make use of sociological studies and methods when examining, for example, how small group dynamics affect the decision-making process, how people acquire and maintain power, and how political culture shapes our attitudes. Economics Politics and economics often intersect. Studying government without also studying economics, especially in free-market societies such as the United States, is not possible. Scholars in this field examine such economic issues as the effects government policy has on the economy, the role money plays in campaigns, and how nations arrive at trade agreements....
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