Ideological Groups

Ideological Groups - Ideological Groups Whereas...

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Ideological Groups Whereas single-issue groups have a very narrow focus, ideological groups have much broader aims rooted in a strongly held philosophy. Ideological groups often work to change cultural norms, values, and prevailing stereotypes. Conservative ideological groups include the Christian Coalition and the Traditional Values Coalition, whereas liberal ideological groups include the NOW and the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People. Government Groups Government groups represent the interests of other governments. Many cities and state governments, for example, have lobbyists in Washington to act in their interest. Most foreign governments also hire lobbyists to promote their interests in Congress and the White House. Catchin’ a Ride People who reap the benefits from public goods without actually contributing to the group that won those goods are known as free riders. The free rider phenomenon is particularly troublesome for noneconomic interest groups, especially ideological
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Ideological Groups - Ideological Groups Whereas...

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