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IMPORTANT ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS SINCE 1970 Law Date Purpose/Impact Clean Air Act Amendments 1970 Restricted air pollution and authorized the EPA to enforce air quality standards Clean Water Act 1972 Set goal of cleaning up waters by 1983 Federal Environmental Pesticide Act 1972 Banned the use of pesticides that are harmful to humans, animals, and crops Clean Water Act 1974 Set federal standards for drinking water Resource Conservation and Recovery Act 1976 Encouraged resource conservation and authorized federal control of hazardous waste Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act 1980 Established a “superfund” for cleaning up toxic waste Clean Air Act Amendments 1990 Required reformulated gasoline to be used in large cities and reduced some gases Food Quality and Protection Act 1996 Authorized the federal government to regulate the use of pesticides in food production Chemical Safety Information, Site Security, and Fuels Regulatory Relief Act 1999 Regulated security and risk management
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