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Increased Incentives for Efficiency Critics complain that government bureaucrats lack incentives to perform efficiently. To overcome inefficiency, some state governments have started offering more incentives to employees, such as financial rewards tied to job performance. The president and Congress have also required government agencies to list specific goals, and the agencies then receive feedback about how well those goals have been met. President George W. Bush’s performance-based budgeting carries this idea a step further by tying funding directly to performance. TQM and Reinventing Government During the Clinton Administration (1993–2001), Vice President Al Gore decided to revamp the bureaucracy. His effort, known as “Reinventing Government,” relied on Total
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Unformatted text preview: Quality Management, a set of principles that create a culture of quality in an organization, in which everyone constantly thinks about improving performance. Gore’s efforts achieved some successes: Every year the government gave out the “Hammer Award” (named for the scandalous prices the Pentagon paid for hammers) to those who did the most to improve quality in government. Protecting Whistleblowers A whistleblower is a person who exposes corruption or inefficiency. As a result of blowing the whistle, some people have been demoted or fired. Congress has sought to protect whistleblowers because whistleblowers increase accountability by exposing problems. Despite the laws passed by Congress, many whistleblowers still suffer because of their actions....
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