Key Features of a Democracy

Key Features of a Democracy - when they see fit. In return,...

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Key Features of a Democracy All democracies, in theory, should provide four basic things: Security: Like all governments, a democracy should protect its citizens from danger and threats, both national and abroad. Liberty: A democracy bestows on its citizens the right to do certain things without interference. The most common liberties are freedom of speech, thought, religion, and assembly. Most democratic governments are limited —that is, there are fundamental rights that the government cannot take from its citizens. Political equality: All citizens should be treated the same way. Each person gets one vote in elections, and the law is the same for all people. Popular sovereignty: In a democracy, supreme power rests with the people. The people choose their government, and the people can change the government
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Unformatted text preview: when they see fit. In return, the government should do what the people want. In reality, these features do not always fit together well, and democracies must work to create a balance. But the balance changes as the people decide they want to emphasize one feature over another. Sometimes strengthening one feature causes another feature to decrease or to disappear. Liberty vs. Security For the most part, Americans tend to value liberty more than anything else. However, since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have become more concerned with issues of security. In response, the government has increased security by limiting some freedoms—making it easier for the government to investigate its citizens, for instance....
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