Lack of Political Efficacy

Lack of Political Efficacy - Lack of Political Efficacy...

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Lack of Political Efficacy Political efficacy is the belief that one’s actions can make a difference in government and that the government listens to normal, everyday people. One sign of American mistrust of government is a decline in feelings of political efficacy over the last few decades. Many Americans feel that the government only listens to special interests, not to average citizens. Some Americans feel such a lack of political efficacy that they do not bother voting or participating in politics in any way. Rallying Young Voters MTV stepped into the political arena in 1992 with Rock the Vote, an attempt to get young people to participate in the political process. During presidential elections, MTV runs news about issues that affect young people and explains how to register to vote. In 2004, World Wrestling Entertainment launched a similar effort called Smackdown Your Vote! These and other youth-oriented campaigns have increased voter turnout among young people. Little Knowledge About Government
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