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Noneconomic Groups - Noneconomic Groups Noneconomic...

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Noneconomic Groups Noneconomic groups (sometimes called citizens’ groups ) are interest groups that fight for causes instead of working for material gain. Unlike economic groups, which work for private goods, noneconomic groups seek public goods (also called collective goods ), which benefit everyone in society, not just members of the group. Instead of material incentives, these groups offer their members a variety of selective incentives, including the following benefits: Purposive benefits: The emotional and psychological benefits members receive knowing they have contributed to a cause they feel is worthwhile Solidarity benefits: The social benefits members receive after meeting new people and friends they worked with to promote the cause Informational benefits: The educational benefits members receive after having learned more about the issues that matter to them There are four main types of noneconomic groups: public interest groups, single-issue groups, ideological groups, and government groups.
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